Single acting 1.5 quarts steel reservoir hydraulic wheelchair power unit 12V DC by Hydro-Pack | Magister Hydraulics

1.5 qts plastic reservoir wheelchair power unit 12V DC single acting by Hydro-Pack


Action : Single Acting
Reservoir (QTs) : 1.5
Pressure : 3200 PSI
Tank Material : Steel
Port Size : SAE 6
GPM @2500PSI : 0.9
Relief Valve : 3000 PSI
Motor : 4.5" 12V DC
Brand : Hydro-Pack
GTIN :850033934304
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Single acting hydraulic wheelchair power unit with 1.5 quarts plastic reservoir. Pressure relief valve at 3000 PSI, easily adjustable. Power up, gravity down application. 3″ motor works from battery 12V DC. 0.5 cc/rev volume displacement. Horizontal assembly. Flow rated at 0.9 GPM flow @ 2500 PSI. Made in Europe by Hydro-Pack. 1-year warranty, free shipping within Continental US. Tariff-free product.


Tariff-FREE power unit.
Made in Europe.
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