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Magister Hydraulics is the leader in high-volume, small-diameter hydraulic cylinder solutions in Europe with an established presence in North America. The company was established in 1998 and has since demonstrated consistent growth due to our products reliability and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Magister Hydraulics specializes in manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders for various types of equipment with piston diameters up to eight inches. Our range of products includes both standard cylinders (double-acting and single-acting) and custom cylinders according to our customer’s requests. Magister Hydraulics manufacturing facilities are located in the Ukraine and operate under the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate. We pride ourselves in only using high-quality materials and innovative technologies in order to produce the finest heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders. Our manufacturing and design techniques provide product reliability in extreme stress and conditions. Therefore our products are perfectly suited for severe weather conditions from tundra to tropics. All products represented on the North American market comply with United States standards and include a hassle-free 2-year warranty. Our previous and existing partners speak highly about us. Magister Hydraulics North American expansion strategy is based on the demand satisfaction of the hydraulic cylinders market for heavy-duty applications. It is our purpose to satisfy any rigorous hydraulic demands.


– Quality product

– Outstanding customer service

– Loyal customers

– Deliver promises

– Flexible approach


At Magister Hydraulics we have all the main essential components for hydraulic cylinders with exceptional attention and precision (from metal processing to assembly and painting). The cylinders are built using a large modern park of equipment (Doosan, Gildemeister, Miller, Fromius) where performed such processes as: turning, milling and welding. Painting is performed on the modern industrial paint equipment which is in accordance with requirements for protective coating. In production we use raw materials such as tubes, chrome plated bars and sealing components directly from industry leading suppliers: Guarnitec group, Benteler AG, Alta S.p.A., Marcegaglia S.p.A.

The technology we use in Magister Hydraulics cylinders is one of the best European practices. Steel piston and steel threaded gland with POM_C nylon glass guide rings and five component compact piston’s seals provide for extra durability and efficiency of the cylinders. This technology provides the cylinders with outstanding durable characteristics in comparison to any regular ductile iron based cylinders. All of our cylinders are put through a 150% maximum pressure test before they go on the shelf. Magister Hydraulics has in stock variety of standard welded double acting hydraulic cylinders with Clevis, Cross Tube and Pin Eye ends.


The Company’s Quality Policy is determined by following principles:

  • Increase resources of the company to achieve set quality objectives.
  • Increase efficiency of our employees to meet quality requirements.
  • Compliance and understanding of our customers’ requirements.
  • Responsiveness to our customers’ needs and expectations.
  • Monitoring the quality of all purchased products used in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders.
  • Continuous training our staff in the needs and responsibilities of Quality Management System.
  • Development of new and improvement of existing production technologies to establish the highest Quality standards.
  • Compliance and continuous improvement of the quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001:2015

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