Single acting 8 quarts steel reservoir hydraulic lift gate power unit 24V DC by Hydro-Pack | Magister Hydraulics

8 qts steel reservoir lift gate power unit 24V DC single acting by Hydro-Pack


Action : Single Acting
Reservoir (QTs) : 8
Pressure : 2900 PSI
Tank Material : Steel
Port Size : SAE 6
GPM @2500PSI : 0.9
Relief Valve : 3000 PSI
Motor : 4.5" 12V DC
Brand : Hydro-Pack
GTIN :850033934311
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Single acting hydraulic lift gate power unit with 8 quarts steel reservoir. Pressure relief valve at 3000 PSI, easily adjustable. Power up, gravity down application. Siutable for systems that have two single acting cylinders 4.5 inch 2.2 kW 24 V motor works from battery 24V DC. 2.1 cc/rev volume displacement. Horizontal assembly. Flow rated at 0.9 GPM flow @ 2500 PSI. Remote not included. Made in Europe by Hydro-Pack. 1-year warranty, free shipping within Continental US. Tariff-free product.


Tariff-FREE power unit.
Made in Europe.
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