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Find hydraulic cylinders and repair parts near you

The interactive map presented below has a list of the hydraulic repair shops throughout the United States. Simply by entering your zip code, you can find the nearest hydraulic repair services near you. These shops specialize in hydraulic repairs, hydraulic system services and sales of hydraulic components & parts. Highly qualified service technicians will assist you with any of your hydraulic needs, including a complete renovation of the worn hydraulic components. Besides the services, at any of the specified locations, you can also purchase a proper replacement for hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic control valve for tractor loader or other equipment, hydraulic gear pump, cylinder bushing, pivot pin, hydraulic cylinder replacement rod, honed hydraulic tubing, cylinder repair kit, hydraulic power unit, etc. The hydraulic components available for sale are from the most reliable manufacturers, including the entire catalog from Magister Hydraulics. The catalog offers a variety of industry standard most common hydraulic cylinder options that can substitute for such applications as: hydraulic cylinder for Kubota front end loader, hydraulic cylinder for John Deere front end loader or other John Deere equipment, hydraulic cylinder for Massey Ferguson front end loader, etc. These are the most common replacement needs of our clients that we are able to cover with a cross tube cylinder. Most of the times the standard cylinder replacement is not an ideal fit, however a slight dimensional difference in extended length or cylinder stroke that won’t hurt the front end loader performance, allows to save on average $1,000 - $1,100 per each pair of cylinders replaced. Some hydraulic cylinder replacements require additional modifications such as cross tube trimming, pin bushings and/or a need for extra adapters in order to match hydraulic ports of the equipment with a cylinder. It does take some effort to replace original hydraulic cylinder with a standard replacement however it’s definitely worth it if you want to stay within your budget.