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Dump Trailer Hydraulic Cylinders

A dump hoist hydraulic cylinder is a powerful and essential component of dump trailers. It’s like the muscle that lifts and lowers the bed of your truck, making it easy to load and unload heavy materials.

Enhance the performance of your dump trailers with Magister Hydraulics’ reliable double-acting hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders feature a 5″ bore and a robust 3500 PSI pressure rating, ensuring they can effortlessly handle heavy loads. With options for different stroke lengths, you can choose the one that suits your specific needs. These cylinders are designed for easy installation, require minimal maintenance, and provide smooth and controlled movements for efficient dumping operations. They are built tough to withstand demanding tasks, boasting a 57,000 LBs column load capacity. Read more...


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    5″ bore x 15.75″ stroke Dump Hoist Hydraulic Cylinder

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    5″ bore x 20″ stroke Dump Hoist Hydraulic Cylinder

  • On sale!

    5″ bore x 21.5″ stroke Dump Hoist Hydraulic Cylinder


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