Looking for a specific custom application?

Magister Hydraulics has extensive experience in working with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) around the globe. Our custom built hydraulic cylinders have been used on numerous unique applications with harsh climate conditions including offshore oil exploration, heavy duty construction, mining and material handling equipment in tough Siberia. Our large selection of possible material customization and manufacturing capacity allows Magister Hydraulics to be one of the premier manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders. We build anything from single, double acting, tie-rod, bolted, welded or telescopic cylinders with Bore up to 8 inches to hydraulic gear pumps and valves. Magister Hydraulics custom hydraulic cylinders are perfectly suitable for such industries as forestry, transportation, agriculture, material handling, airport ground equipment, solid waste handling, drilling, marine, military contracts, construction and oil & gas. Our main focus is on mobile hydraulics applications however we also have experience in industrial hydraulics systems.

We can offer Such design features as innovative cushioning, anti-corrosion coating, locking devices, stop tubes, trunnion mounting, spherical bearings, integrated valve options, stainless steel, chrome plated and other materials available for cylinder design. We do not build cylinders with nitrite rod, however we can offer induction hardened chrome plated rod instead that will do the job just fine..

Our experienced team of professional engineers and project managers bring creative ideas to solve any complex challenges for our clients when it comes to individual needs. We can design and build every hydraulic component based on a customer’s demand. We provide a full service package in customization from design to delivery with European quality and American standards. All cylinders are manufactured in Europe with a focus on quality and longevity of cylinder life. Clients trust us in providing expertise for hydraulics design, ongoing support and quick responsiveness to inquires..


Hydraulic Cylinders Manufacturer - Magister Hydraulics. How it's done. Moving Industry Seamlessly.

Here are some benefits of partnering up with Magister Hydraulics:

- We offer very flexible terms for any manufacturer that has needs for hydraulic cylinders.

- We offer standard cylinders from the shelf along with custom hydraulic cylinders..

- Thousands of standard cylinders available on shelves for the same day shipping*.

- Permanent significant volume discounts in place for standard cylinders.

- Minimum 2-year warranty or more, if requested.

- We do not charge any set up fees for custom applications.

- We offer credit terms for clients with good trade references.

- Minimum quantity order is anywhere from 25 to 50 cylinders per drawing, depending on the size of cylinder.

- Tariff- FREE cylinders.

- Highly competitive pricing due to labor cost in Ukraine.

- On-time delivery is always included.

- Exceptional quality control.

- Certified under ISO 9001:2008 for years.

- High quality European materials.

- FREE quotes provided for all requests.

- Supreme cylinder design features.

To submit the inquiry for custom products, please fill out the form below with detailed description of your needs:

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