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What are benefits of becoming a distributor for Magister Hydraulics?

About Magister Hydraulics

Magister Hydraulics is an international company manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for mobile applications with focus on superior quality. We build and keep in stock thousands of standard hydraulic cylinders in our United States warehouse.  Along with standard options, we also manufacture custom designed cylinders as per client’s requirements. Our factory is located in Ukraine and raw materials sourced within Europe. For US market we have a customer service center in New Jersey that can provide immediate help.

We strive to create lifelong relationships with our partners and clients. Therefore we offer outstanding customer support. We are very flexible when it comes to customer individual needs. It’s okay for us to process orders just with one or two items and ship the same day to our dealer or directly to dealer’s customer. On the same time, we can accommodate any OEM needs measured in thousands of items er order.

Our distributors can count on us to receive the following:

  • Wide range of standard hydraulic cylinders in stock
  • Variety of standard hydraulic control valves and gear pumps in stock
  • Technical and commercial support
  • Technical literature, digital materials and user guides
  • Outstanding technical and sales support
  • Reliable Free shipping within Continental US
  • Valuable discounts on all of our cylinders, gear pumps and control valves

Magister Hydraulics is open for new distributors at this time.


It is mandatory for all new applicants


  • Send via fax: (973) 344-5157
  • Send via email:
  • Submit attachment via form below.

For more information about custom hydraulics, wholesales, and supplies, please fill out this inquiry form:

    In order for us to provide a proper quote for your custom needs, we need as much information as possible. Please respond to the below questions to the best of your knowledge:

    • - Model drawing or sketch?

    • - Annual volume usage and frequency?

    • - Guarantee for your final equipment?

    • - Intended cylinder cycle usage per year?

    • - Supplier issues and who is your current vendor?

    • - Type of equipment, application use?

    • - Environment and hydraulic oil specs?

    • - Rated working pressure (from-to)?