Everyday Series Face Seal Hydraulic Fittings Kit


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89 Adapters + 300 O-rings


Hose Box introduces the Everyday Hydraulic Fitting and Adapter Kit for ORFS (O Ring Face Seal) applications. The complete Hydraulic Fitting and Adapter Kit for ORFS (O Ring Face Seal) fittings comes housed in a heavy duty 15″ long x 13″ tall x 7″ wide plastic case. The Fitting and Adapter Kit features 88 carefully selected, high quality hydraulic fittings covering an extensive range of repair solutions plus 300 o rings providing quick and easy replacement of your ORFS (O Ring Face Seal) and ORB (O Ring Boss) fitting seals.

1) Contents meet or exceed SAE standards for hydraulic fittings

2) Fittings are all quality steel construction that’s been specially plated to ensure long service life.

3) Kit features a wide variety of fittings targeted to ORFS (O Ring Face Seal) applications plus adapters in JIC (37° flare) ORB (O Ring Boss) and NPT (Pipe Thread) with sizes ranging from -4 (1/4″) to -16 (1″)

4) Replacement components and additional sizes and styles of fittings and adapters are conveniently available for individual order at HoseBox.com.

Made in USA.
If you need assistance to choose a proper seal kit replacement, do not hesitate to contact us:

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