2.6-5.2 GPM hydraulic steel flow divider SAE 6 ports 3600 PSI | Magister Hydraulics

2.6-5.2 GPM hydraulic steel flow divider


SKU: HV-FD-10-20-SAE6
Min flow : 2.6 GPM
Max flow : 5.2 GPM
Pressure : 3600 PSI
Ports : SAE 6
Seals : Buna-N
Material : Zinc plated steel
Brand : Hydro-Pack
GTIN :850033934601
4+ PRICE EA -5%
10+ PRICE EA -10%
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  • 2 way hydraulic zinc plated steel flow divider, working pressure 3600 PSI. These valves divide the flow around % 50-50 and are used in the systems which fed from the same pump and operates two cylinders (not mechanically connected) that work simultaneously.
    Load holding : matched diameters, minimal leakage.
    Cylinder stroke error tolerance of ±3% of maximum fow.
    Any synchronisation errors are compensated for at the end of stroke. Made in Europe utilizing American standards, can operate under temperature anywhere from – 40F and up to 140F. Tariff free control valve.

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Tariff-FREE Gear pumps.
Made in Europe.
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