• From otdog80 on 2" bore x 48" stroke cross tube hydraulic cylinder


  • From Jerry Spradling on 2" bore x 19.75" stroke loader hydraulic cylinder

    Will this fit the upper hydraulic cylinder on the DL 120 Massey Ferguson Loader.

  • From Anthony Kimmell on 2.5" bore x 24" stroke tang hydraulic cylinder

    I bought a pair of these to replace the bent, leaky bucket cylinders on my Ford 420 loader tractor. I had to fab up some spacers for the mounting pins with some 1/4″ wall pipe. Then got new hydraulic hoses made up since the old cylinders used SAE 10 ports and the new ones were SAE 8. I could have used reducer fittings, but the old hoses were pretty cracked/rotted and needed replaced anyway. Got it all together and it works just like new. Way cheaper than getting the old cylinders rebuilt! I’ll definitely use you guys again when it’s time to replace the two lift cylinders on this thing! The free shipping was also very fast. Ordered them Sunday night and they were on my doorstep Wednesday afternoon. Thanks again!

  • From Dwight adams on 2 spool x 13 GPM hydraulic control valve

    I purchased a hydro pack controller my old on om n my tractor front end loader has a fitting on the side with 2 holes its a 8 that goes deep with 2 oil rings on it dont know whats its called buy I need one in a 10

  • From Chris Rodgers on 2" bore x 6" stroke swivel eye hydraulic cylinder

    Awesome thx.
    Works well for 1/3 the cost

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