Enerpac XC1202MB Cordless Hydraulic Pump , Batteries and 115V Charger Included


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XC-1202MB Specifications:

Maximum Operating Pressure (psi): 10,000
Cylinder Compatability: Single-acting
Reservoir Capacity (in3): 120
Usable Oil Capacity (in3): 120
Maximum Flow at Rated Pressure: 15 in3/min
Output Flow Rate (in3/min) No Load: 125
Output Flow Rate (in3/min) 2000 psi: 30
Output Flow Rate (in3/min) 10000 psi: 15
Number of Outlets: 1
Motor Size (hp): 0.5
Valve Function: Advance / Hold / Retract
Valve Operation: Manual
Valve Type: 3-way, 2-position
Power Source: Battery
Charger Volatge (VAC): 115
Weight (lbs): 23.8

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