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Enerpac HF100, HF Hydraulic Oil, 1 Quart


Brand : Enerpac
GTIN : 25170000
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Product Lines: Industrial Tools, Workholding Tools, Bolting Tools

Use Enerpac HF-Series hydraulic oil to ensure effective lubricity & protect essential parts.

  • Specially formulated for power pumps (max. volumetric efficiency, maximum heat transfer, prevents cavitation)
  • Maximum Film Protective Lubricity (anit-oxidation additives)
  • High viscosity index ensures maximum lubricity over a wide range of operation temperatures

Product Specifications:

  • Contents (gal): 0.25
  • Volume: 1 quart
  • Pump Compatibility: Power Pump
  • API Gravity, ASTM D1298: 32
  • Viscosity ASTM D445 SUS at 212 degrees Farenheight: 43.7
  • Viscosity ASTM D445 SUS at 104 degrees Farenheight: 151
  • Viscosity Index, ASTM D2270: 95
  • Pour Point, farenheight, ASTM D97: -36.5
  • Flash Point, farenheight, ASTM D92: 375
  • Viscosity Index: 100 min
  • Color: Blue

Enerpac HF100 | Premium Hydraulic Oil, 1 Qt., ISO 32, Formulated for power pumps | Magister

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