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Hydraulic cylinder suppliers in Canada

Canada, the largest country of North America and the second-largest country in the world, has 35 million citizens. This makes it a thinly populated, but prosperous country. It is also a very popular travel destination; both for tourists and business travelers.

Most people know Canada for its large cities Quebec, Montréal and Vancouver, even though the much smaller Ottawa is the official capital of Canada. The larger cities of Canada are relatively close to the border with the USA, with which Canada has close ties.

One of the least surprising facts about Canada is that it can get pretty cold in the winter (anyone who’s ever had to chisel their car out of a block of ice in the morning knows this to be true). The average low for the month of January in Ottawa is 6.1 F. That’s pretty cold! However, a temperature recorded in 1947 in Snag, Yukon makes the rest of Canada’s winter weather seem like a relaxing beach vacation.

Saying all that, if your hydraulic equipment doesn’t perform its best, your business will suffer.

Magister Hydraulics is one of the best hydraulic equipment suppliers with a specialty in the supply of hydraulic cylinders for the mobile industrial markets across the United States and Canada. Our strong sense of customer service, dedication to offering only quality products, and our ability to provide cooperative solutions at a reasonable price have resulted in the continued growth and wide acceptance in the marketplace. At Magister Hydraulics we can design and deliver custom hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic control valves, hydraulic gear pumps, no matter how complex they are. Our company offers hydraulic cylinders that are designed to meet and exceed the most demanding application requirements. Extensive product line offers OEM hydraulic cylinder solutions that provide value through reduced maintenance, increased productivity, and long service life. We have a variety of products, that will perfectly satisfy your needs, starting from single acting hydraulic cylinders, double acting hydraulic cylinders and up to variety of hydraulic control valves. We provide a full-service package in customization from design to delivery with European quality and American standards. Our clients trust us in providing expertise for hydraulics design, manufacturing quality and ongoing support. Our team provides the best customer support with questions you may have, for example: how to select hydraulic cylinder size, how to calculate stroke length of a hydraulic cylinder, why hydraulic oil overheating and many more. The technology we use in Magister Hydraulics cylinders is one of the best European practices. Steel piston and steel threaded gland with POM_C nylon glass guide rings and five component compact piston’s seals provide for extra durability of the cylinders. This technology provides the cylinders with outstanding durable characteristics in comparison to any regular ductile iron made cylinders.

Magister Hydraulics always meets the needs of the lift sector with innovations that give the clients work equipment that’s easy to use and, most importantly, safe.