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Why do hydraulic cylinders start leaking?

Seals play a major role in hydraulic cylinders – they contain the fluid and prevent the leakage of fluid. The seals for a rod sealing system protect the reciprocating motion for the piston rod and gland.


Here are some types of seals you will normally find in a Hydraulic Cylinder:

  • Piston seals — keeps oil on the work side of the piston. Prevents oil travel between cylinder sides.
  • Rod seals — prevents any leakage from inside the cylinder to the outside.
  • Buffer seals — absorb changes in pressure when working with high-load conditions. Normally found in front of the rod seal.
  • Wiper seals — prevent any outside contaminants or debris from entering the cylinder system.
  • Wear bands — guide the piston and rod. Also prevents metal to metal contact.


Listed below are some common reasons for seal failures:

  • Hardening — too much heat being generated from a high-speed application or environmental conditions surrounding the cylinder.
  • Wear — excessive wear due to lack of lubrication.
  • Contamination — any small pieces of metals or debris entering inside can damage inside components.
  • Fracture — resulting from excessive back pressure
  • Improper Installation — not using the proper tools to install seals can lead to damage and leaks. Most manufacturers offer installation tips, including surface specs and groove dimensions.
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