What has to be taken into consideration in the choice and use of hydraulic hoses? |Magister Hydraulics

Hydraulic high-pressure hoses, with four-fold security to prevent bursts, should be used as connector hoses.  In addition to the four preferred lengths, lengths are also supplied up to customer requirements.

In using hydraulic hoses, particular attention should be paid to certain criteria.

  • Fluid. There must be resistance to the fluids used. The high-pressure hoses are resistant to all mineral oil based hydraulic oils and to water glycols.
  • Maximum operating pressure. Hoses are normally a subject to dynamic stress. Acceleration and delay processes cause pressure spikes which may be well above the static pressure. The maximum operating pressure is therefore differentiated and specified for tumescent and intermittent operation.
  • Increase in volume caused by stretching of material. When the hoses are charged with pressure, they stretch and take in an additional volume of hydraulic fluid. This volume can be disregarded for most applications, but it is essential to observe it for applications with a short cycle time.
  • Bending radius. It is essential to observe the specified minimum bending radius. The bending radius directly affects the hose length and is calculated accordingly.

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