Fluid Power Formulas | Magister Hydraulics
Fluid Power Formulas | Magister Hydraulics

Fluid power formulas refer to a collection of mathematical equations and calculations that are used to analyze and understand the behavior of fluids, particularly in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Fluid power formulas encompass a wide range of topics, including fluid dynamics, fluid mechanics, pressure, flow rate, force, torque, power, efficiency, and many others. By applying these formulas, you can determine the appropriate sizing and selection of components, assess system performance, analyze fluid behavior, and troubleshoot issues in fluid power systems.

Bore Diameter = Inside Tube Circumference / 3.1415

Rod Diameter = Rod Circumference / 3.1415

Stroke = Extended Length (center to center of pins) – Retracted Length (center to center of pins)

Volume Displacement in gallons = (Bore Radius² * 3.1415) * Stroke / 231

Fluid Pressure (PSI) = Force (lbs) / (Bore Radius² * 3.1415)

Force (lbs) = (Bore Radius² * 3.1415) * Pressure (PSI)

Fluid Flow Rate (GPM) = Volume displacement (gallons) / Time units (minutes)

Column Load (lbs) = pressure (PSI) * (Bore Radius² * 3.1415)

Hydraulic Horsepower = pressure (PSI) * Fluid Flow Rate (GPM) / 1714

Cylinder Extending Speed(Inch per second) = (231 * GPM) / (60 * Bore Radius² * 3.1415)

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